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Photo Opening 4x6" - Frame Size 6x8" - $22.95
Photo Opening 5x7" - Frame Size 8x10" - $29.95
Photo Opening 6x6" - Frame Size 8x8" - $29.95
Photo Opening 6x8" - Frame Size - 10x12" - $34.95
Photo Opening 8x8" - Frame Size 10x10" - $37.95
Photo Opening 8x10" - Frame Size 11x14" - $39.95
Photo Opening 8x12" - Frame Size 12x16" - $44.95
Photo Opening 10x10" - Frame Size 12x12" - $44.95
Photo Opening 11x14" - Frame Size 16x20" - $59.95

Narrow Matted Frame

  • Our 10420 matted picture frame range features a smooth matt design and incorporates an ice white colour matboard that is acid-free, lignin-free (photo safe) and is made in Australia.
    This timber photo frame can stand both portait and landscape (smaller sizes) and can fit either portrait or landscape photos. Frames are also supplied with either a hangclip (smaller sizes) or a wall hanging kit (larger sizes) for wall mounting.
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