Baby Sessions - from $195


This session is tailored to babies between the ages of 6 weeks - 9 months, a period when so very many milestones are reached.  


Popular stages for photographing are:

Between 6 -12 weeks: for clients who missed the newborn session but wish to capture images as early as possible.  Whilst some newborn-like posing may be achieved, shots will usually also feature swaddling and shots with parents.   

3 months:  great big smiles, tummy time, finding feet and hands. 

6 months - sitting unaided, rolling, tummy time.

9 months - standing aided and crawling.



A baby session will typically be shorter than a newborn session as sleep times become more regimented.  A session will usually last approximately 1.5 hours.


Baby sessions are typically held at my studio in Freshwater but on request may be at a park or beach.


The session fee includes one 8x12" print and two 5x7" prints.  For a full price list, refer to the pricing tab.   






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