​ Frequently Asked  Questions -      

 Maternity Session

Hopefully this FAQ section will answer many , if not all, of your questions about a maternity session.  Should you have anything else that you would like answered or if you would like to receive a full information pack, please get in touch with me via the contact page or send me an e-mail at rachel@rachelwildigphotography.com and I will respond promptly. 

When do I need to book?

​Maternity portrait sessions are ideally held between 32-36 weeks gestation when the bump is beautifully rounded but before too much discomfort has set in.  This will allow for a greater range of poses and reduce the risk of missing your session due to an early arrival!

Ideally, your session will be booked as early as possible after your 12-week scan as I can be booked up for some months in advance.   I only accept as many bookings as I can reasonably shoot, edit and return to my clients  in my targeted time frame of two weeks.  


I currently accept session bookings 7 days a week.   For outdoor sessions I strongly recommend considering booking early morning or late afternoon shoots to ensure optimum lighting conditions as the light at this time is soft and flattering.  The ideal time is approximately an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset.  Studio sessions are best held between 9.30am-3pm.

How long will the session last?
Maternity sessions last approximately one hour and depends on the number of costume changes and whether siblings or partners are attending.​​  The length of the session may ,of course, be shorter or longer than this as it is more about trying to achieve the images that you have expressed that you would like than filling an allotted time with the shoot.  I will also be mindful that you may tire more easily towards the end of pregnancy so this amount of time should be sufficient to include breaks. 

Who may attend the session?
Siblings and other family members may be included in the photography session at no additional cost although the primary focus of the maternity session will be the mother-to-be.​

Where may the session be held?
Maternity sessions may be held either at my studio in Freshwater, or outdoors in a location of your choice.  Locations in excess of 20km from Freshwater may be subject to a travel levy.  

I am completely mobile and able to transport all necessary camera & lighting equipment and props.  I am happy to recommend some of my favourite shoot locations should you be unsure about where might be suitable.  Beaches and parks are very popular choices for maternity sessions.

How should I prepare for the session?
Your input to the planning of the session is invaluable in making it run effectively.  Have a think about what you would like to get out of the session and whether there are any particular poses or props that you would like to include.  Have a look at my website or perhaps a pregnancy magazine for inspiration!​

Consider any items that you would like included in the images such as an image of the baby at the 20-week scan or later, some newly-bought clothing, shoes or a toy that you may already have purchased for the baby.

A number of the images are likely to be of the “hands on bump” variety so I would suggest making sure that you are happy with the length and appearance of your nails.  


What should I wear?
I would recommend that you select something that flatters and enhances your bump.  A great basic outfit is a pair of maternity jeans that sit below the bump and a tightly fitted, neutral coloured tee.   You may wish to consider bringing along some different accessories such as jewellery, wraps and scarves to change your look and add variety to the shoot.
The most important consideration is to opt for what you feel comfortable with and in.

I have a range of purpose-designed maternity gowns and ponchos which you are welcome to trial.  


What happens if I need to cancel or postpone?

People get sick and circumstances change meaning that occasionally cancellations or postponements are unavoidable.  Wherever possible, I require 24 hours notice of any changes to our booking and I will show you the same courtesy. 
I require payment of the session fee upon booking to hold your session appointment and this will be forfeited in the case of an outright cancellation without mitigating circumstances. Subject to availability, I am happy to reschedule to accommodate changes due to illness.​



What is included in the session fee?
  • A pre-shoot planning session to discuss your requirements (usually by e-mail or telephone);

  • The cost of travel to your home or an alternative shoot location.  (Please note that shoot locations greater than 20km from Freshwater may incur an additional travel charge to be levied at the discretion of the Photographer);

  • The photographic session which will last for an estimated one hour.

  • Two 5x7" and one 8x12" pro lab prints of your choice;

  • Use of maternity gowns and ponchos;

  • A minimum of 40 professionally-edited images in both colour and black & white hosted in an online gallery at low-resolution and watermarked from which you may make decisions on further print and digital file purchases.

  • A review session is optional and may be held to review images and to place print orders and any frame requirements.  I have samples of many sizes and finishes of print and frame available for inspection.

What happens if it is forecast to rain on the day of my outdoor shoot?

Many of my outdoor maternity shoots are held in parks and beaches and the weather is a large contributor to achieving the kind of images that you want.   Each individual session will be evaluated on its own merits to determine whether we should go ahead or postpone the shoot until dry weather.  I will be as flexible as possible in re-arranging the shoot to a convenient time in the case of wet weather.

I have had some beautiful wet weather shoots so light rain does not necessarily result in a postponement if you are wanting to go ahead with a shoot for example due to time constraints.  Certain locations are sufficiently sheltered to provide some respite from the rain. 


What does "low-resolution" mean?

Low-resolution files (72 dpi) are digitally compressed files that have been purposely reduced in quality for screen display only.   They will appear pixelated when printed.  Low-resolution files are provided by the Photographer solely for the purposes of reviewing the session images for print selection and for upload by the Client to social media sites such as Facebook, and for sharing electronically with friends and family.  They may not be printed as no print-release is provided with these files.  The files will also all feature a light watermark.

High-resolution files (300 dpi) are available for purchase as singles or as collections.

Professional lab prints are available for purchase at very reasonable prices starting from $25.


Why do you recommend using a professional print lab?
I have discovered the real value of printing with a professional lab through many years of experience.
Commercial outlets often produce prints with a strong colour cast that does not match the original colour file.  This colour cast can be particularly apparent in skin tones, completely ruining a beautiful shot. 
Pro lab prints are made using Kodak Supra Endura paper which is guaranteed to stand the test of time, lasting up to 200 years with minimal fading.
With professional print labs you are guaranteed a better quality and more colour accurate image.  After all of the effort that went into planning, preparing for and taking part in a professional photography shoot, please do not underestimate the importance of subsequently purchasing a high-quality printed image.
What is a model release and do I have to sign it?

When you book a photographic session with me, I will ask whether you are prepared to sign a model release.  This is a requirement to enable me to utilise your session images for commercial purposes such as offering you a sneak peak on Facebook and/or Instagram, producing a session blog with some of my favourite images or adding images to my website.  

You are under no obligation to sign this release if you would prefer your images to remain private.

Can I purchase a maternity session as a gift?

Absolutely! Gift vouchers are available for all of my sessions including maternity, newborn, babies, family and mini-sessions and last for six months after issue.  What a great idea for a Baby Shower!

How long after the session can I expect to see my images?

I endeavour to provide you will your session proofs within two weeks of the session.   If you have signed a model release I will happily release a "sneak peak" to Facebook and/or Instagram as quickly as a day or two after the session.

Once prints have been ordered, you can expect to receive these within about 10-14 working days.  Print and product orders are placed with my print lab every week or 10 days.

How do I book?

​Send me a personal message via my contact page: 

​Tel: 0400 872791

E-mail: rachel@rachelwildigphotography.com

I require payment of the session fee to secure your session.  This ensures that no other bookings will be taken for this time and date.  Deposits may be made by Australian bank transfer, cheque, cash or Paypal.  

All print costs must be paid in advance of the order being submitted to the printer.